How do we start?

Please contact us to plan your visits

First visit

Get acquainted with our establishment and our team. Your visit will allow us to establish what is the orthodontic problem


If a treatment is required we create a patient file with Xrays, Photographs and Dental Impressions.

Treatment plan and Cost estimate

We present and discuss a treatment plan and the alternatives, the most efficient procedure and the appliances required for the needs of the patient.

Only after this procedure we can establish a detailed cost estimate and discuss the administrative technicalities to follow for insurance purposes.

Active Treatment

Regular visits are required

For orthodontic treatment the visits are on average once a month until the goals set by the treatment are achieved.

End of orthodontic treatment

The end of treatment is followed by planification of the long term follow-up to ensure the quality of the results in long term.

The end of orthodontic treatment is followed by retention which aims to retain the teeth in the position accomplished by the orthodontic treatment for the period of time that is necessary for the maintenance of the result.