MySmile Cabinet Dentaire

Your dental clinic in Carouge, Geneva

Mysmile cabinet dentaire à Carouge, Genève

Welcome to MySmile Cabinet Dentaire one of the leading dental practices of Switzerland. Our dental clinic is found in Carouge, Geneva.

Our team of experienced and specialized professional dentsits excels in the domains of General Dentistry, Conservative dentistry, Cosmetic dentistry, Implant dentistry, Prosthodontics, Minor Oral Surgery, Periodontics, Endodontics, Preventive dentistry, Pediatric dentistry and Orthodontics.

Our team is completed by our Dental Hygienists who guarantee the preservation and the regular follow-up of your oral health.

We look forward to meeting you for advising you personally. Our multilingual team receives you warmly, in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian or Greek.



Mysmile cabinet dentaire à Carouge, Genève


Fixed replacement of missing teeth or help with retention of dental appliances


devitalization of the tooth, cleaning and treatment of its root


treatment of disorders and pains of the temporomandibular joints, and postural deficits


Mysmile cabinet dentaire à Carouge, Genève

The dental clinic MySmile Cabinet Dentaire is located in Carouge, Geneva, in proximity to the Pont-Rouge, in front of the UBS Geneva regional Headquarters and adjacent to M-Park Commercial Center.

Our office is wheelchair-accessible.