Pricing Policy

Important information for our patients


We follow the pricing of the Swiss Society of Dentists (SSO) and the tariff applied is the DENTOTAR.


  • The value of the point applied at MySmile Cabinet Dentaire is CHF 1.1
  • For orthodontics, the point value is CHF 1.0
  • The point value for OCAS is CHF 1.0
  • The point value for OCPA, SPC, Hospice Général etc is CHF 0.85


We apply the tariff 94 (former SSO tariff) at CHF 3.10 to align ourselves with the demands of LaMal and LAA insurance.

Any first consultation is to be paid on site the same day.


First consultation with Dentist CHF 80.-

First consultation Orthodontist CHF 105.-

The consultation for establishing the cost estimate is included in the cost estimate.

The x-rays required to complement the consultation and their subsequent analysis are invoiced in addition.

We reserve the right to invoice any aditional services deemed neccessary according to your condition







Regular checks and dental hygiene

According to our environmental policy  to reduce administrative work and the consequent waste of resources (in particular paper), we encourage you to pay for your regular dental check-ups as well as dental hygiene care on site.

We offer the possibility of payment by card, TWINT via the services of Worldline Financial Services – world leader in Paytech
The rate applied for these treatments is

  • 1.1 CHF if paid on site
  • 1.3 CHF if paid on invoice .

Hospice General

For our patients who benefit from Hospice general coverage, it is essential to provide the guarantee before the appointment.

Without guarantee, the treatment is invoiced to the patient.



Invoices issued by MySmile Cabinet Dentaire have a payment period of 30 days.


It is preferable to use the QR code of each invoice so that the amount paid is immediately accounted for.


Payment by bank transfer

You can use the following bank details to make a transfer (eg for transfers from abroad).

Raiffeisen Bank Geneva Rhône Region

Beneficiary: MySmile Dental Practice

IBAN: CH38 8080 8005 2367 5112 7

IID (BC No. ): 80808


Important: to identify your transfer, please indicate the document number in the “Communication” section. This number appears at the top of the invoice and send proof of payment by email to .



If you are having difficulty paying an invoice, please let us know as soon as possible to find a suitable solution for you.

This way, you will avoid unnecessary costs and the possibility of recovery process.


Recall costs

For the 1st follow-up: free

For the 2nd reminder: CHF 5. –

If the invoice is still unpaid after the second reminder, the invoice is transmitted to the collection service. This entails additional costs and the conditions of this organization will apply.


Debt Recovery

According to Swiss law, any doctor can demand payment of the fees from his patients five-years after the service is provided.

MySmile Cabinet Dentaire reserves the right to mandate – in compliance with the legal provisions relating to data protection  – the Caisse des Médecins for the collection of a non-paid invoice or transmission to another service ( pe . Inkasso Med.)


Duplicate payments

Processing duplicate payments represents additional work for MySmile Cabinet Dentaire. For the reimbursement of the sum paid twice, a flat rate of CHF 10.- maximum will be invoiced.


Missed appointments

For repeatedly missed appointments, we charge the flat rate of CHF 100.- according to the Swiss Society of Dentists (SSO) and in agreement with the Commission de Surveillance des prix..


Access to medical records

The patient or the legal representative can claim at any time and without justification access to the medical file.

The request is made in writing or electronically to mentioning the SURNAME, First name, date of birth of the patient (and, where applicable, of the legal representative)

Access to the file is free.

If the request concerns a complete report or the treatment plan, or significant involvement for drafting the documents, it will be invoiced up to CHF 300.- .