Who we are

 Dr Panagiotis CHRISTOU

Orthodontist Dentist, Dr.Med.Dent., Dr.Med.Dent.

This second generation dentist after his specialization in the Department of Orthodontics of the University of Geneva, practices orthodontics since 2006.

 Dr Jelena GAVRIC

Dentist, Dr.Med.Dent.

After the end of her studies at the University of Zurich has specialized in fixed prosthodontics at the Department of Fixed Prosthodontics and Biomaterials of the University of Geneva. She has been practicing dentistry since in 2007.

 Dr Laurent MARCHAND

Dentist, Dr.Med.Dent.

Practicing dentistry since the end of his studies at the University of Βern in 2011.


Pedodontist – Dr. Med. Dent

After graduation from The Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium), she specialized in Pedodontics at the University of Geneva. Practices dentistry since 2006.



After graduation from the University of Geneva in 2015 she specialised in Periodontology at the Clinique Universitaire de Médecine Dentaire (graduated in 2019)

 Ms Céline EGLI

Dental Hygienist

Graduated 2007 (School of Dental Hygienists of Geneva). Instructor since 2013 at School of Dental Hygienists of Geneva – In charge of dental radiology

 Ms Dorentina SHALA

Dental hygienist

Graduated in from 2019 École supérieure d’hygiénistes dentaires de Genève – Switzerland