Environmental Policy


The earth’s environment is under severe stress from uncontrolled human activity, threatening the survival of our society and the performance of MySmile Cabinet Dentaire’s mission.

MySmile Cabinet Dentaire accepts that we have to preserve the environmental sustainability of the planet, at all levels of operations.

MySmile Cabinet Dentaire aspires to minimise its impact on our environment and maximise the effective use of resources. We aim to achieve this by increasing communication, information education and awareness of our efforts in accordance with this policy.

MySmile Cabinet Dentaire is committed not only to complying with applicable law in all of its operations but to minimise risks and impacts through the development of robust and documented systems to implement, measure, monitor, and disseminate excellent environmental performance both within its operations.


This Environmental Policy resumes our principles of environmental sustainability and recognises that a sustainable environment is central to our lives and our work.

The aim of MySmile Environmental Sustainability Policy is to:


  • implement environmental actions within the company
  • monitor the environmental actions and improvements internally
  • communicate environmental initiatives internally and externally.


This policy and associated procedures apply to all directors, staff and contractors working for the company.


MySmile Cabinet Dentaire respects our relationship with the natural environment. We acknowledge the adverse impacts that human activity can impose to this environment and take actions to prevent its degradation.


MySmile Cabinet Dentaire is committed to protecting the environment, the health and safety of our employees, and the community in which we evolve. It is our policy to create robust and documented systems and policies and applying them we will seek continual improvement throughout our business operations to lessen our impact on the local and global environment by conserving energy, water and other natural resources; reducing waste generation; recycling and; reducing our use of toxic materials.

We are committed to environmental protection pollution prevention, following or exceeding all environmental regulatory requirements, and to purchasing and using products which have greater recycled content with lower toxicity and packaging, that reduce the use of natural resources.

MySmile Cabinet Dentaire commits to the following principles and practices:


  • Providing a safe and healthful workplace;
  • Establishing an environmentally aware culture, where responsibility is assigned and understood;
  • Being an environmentally responsible neighbour in our community;
  • Conserving natural resources by reusing and recycling whenever possible respecting Swiss health and safety guidelines;
  • Reducing the consumption of natural resources in daily operations, including water, paper and energy.
  • Disposing of waste appropriately
  • Using, in our own operations, processes that do not adversely affect the environment;
  • Ensuring the responsible use of energy throughout the organisation;
  • Participating in efforts to improve environmental protection and understanding;
  • Taking steps to improve environmental performance continually;
  • Monitoring and managing our environmental performance and working towards targets set to reduce adverse impacts;
  • Working with suppliers who promote sound environmental practices; and
  • Enhancing awareness among our employees, collaborators and patients – educating and motivating them to act in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Minimising pollution by taking steps to limit carbon emissions resulting from vehicle and air travel.
  • Complying with relevant Swiss(Federal), European and Local environmental policy, practices, regulations and legislation, and industry-specific legislation.
  • Reporting on the company’s environmental performance in both internal and external communications, where relevant.
  • Reviewing this policy annually and measuring targets and performance as part of that review.

Responsibility and Review

This Environmental Sustainability Policy is the responsibility of the Management of MySmile Cabinet Dentaire.

This policy was lasted updated in November 2022