Parodontics – Periodontology

Our periodontal specialist can provide you with all forms of treatment you might require for your gums and bone surrounding your teeth stopping the inflammation and tissue destruction. Some cases require antibiotic therapy for faster bacteria removal.

In advanced cases where the gums have receded the doctor can graft gum tissue over the exposed tooth roots and restore your natural gumline. It is not only a question of esthetics of the smile, it is necessary for the protection of tooth roots from decay.

Patients that show a lot of gum in smiling (a “gummy smile”) can benefit from gum sculpting interventions that recontour the gumline to an esthetically suitable size and shape.

In other cases where the bone has receded, advanced periodontal surgery techniques applied allow for bone healing and wherever necessary bone regeneration to create ideal conditions of bone support or sufficient space for implant placement.

Other Treatments